Semir Jahic

Semir Jahic

GTM leader, startup advisor, sales & sales engineer specialist

About me

GTM leader at a VC-backed SaaS with 10+ years in B2B tech incl. Salesforce, Accenture and early-stage startups. I've become a student of startups and help leaders create more value in their organisations. Let's connect.

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Advisory & Coaching

Are you a startup leader?

I can help with:- Defining ICP and territories- Designing a scalable sales process- Opening your first office in Europe- Building a GTM team- Building a Sales Engineering team- Pitching effectively to prospects... and more

My background

- Built a multi-million ARR business in Europe for a VC-backed startup- Hired and built a presales / SE team from scratch- Enabled sales teams to deliver value-packed demos in every pitch- Hired over 40 team members cross-functionally- Defined and executed strategy to scale EMEA operations over 3 years- Executed go-to-market for new product suite in EMEA

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